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General Motors and the United Auto Workers (UAW) have reached a tentative agreement that could bring an end to the longest auto industry strike in a decade. According to sources close to the negotiations, the two sides came to an agreement that includes improved wage and benefit packages for workers, as well as job security provisions that will help ensure continued production at GM plants.

The strike, which began on September 16th, has taken a toll on both GM and the UAW. GM has lost an estimated $1.5 billion in profits during the strike, while UAW members have missed out on paychecks and struggled to make ends meet. With this tentative agreement, both sides hope to put an end to the strike and move forward with a strengthened relationship.

One of the key provisions of the tentative agreement is a wage increase for workers. According to sources, workers will receive an increase of 3% in the first and third years of the contract, with 4% wage increases in the second and fourth years. In addition, workers will receive a $9,000 ratification bonus once the agreement is approved.

Another important provision of the agreement is job security. According to sources, GM has agreed to invest $9 billion in its U.S. plants, which will result in the creation of 9,000 new jobs. In addition, GM has agreed to re-open its Lordstown, Ohio plant, which had been closed earlier this year.

The tentative agreement also includes improved benefits for workers. According to sources, workers will have increased healthcare coverage, as well as better prescription drug benefits. Retirees will also benefit from improved healthcare coverage.

Overall, the tentative agreement between GM and the UAW is a positive development for both sides. The agreement shows a commitment to improving the lives of workers, while also taking steps to ensure that GM remains a competitive and profitable company. While the agreement still needs to be approved by UAW members, it is a significant step forward in resolving the strike and moving forward with a stronger partnership between GM and the UAW.